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We’re on a mission to digitize, automate, and create regulatory order for the medical technology industry.

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Rimsys Team
Rimsys Team
Rimsys Team

A regulatory revolution

James Gianoutsos
James Gianoutsos
Founder & President
Brad Ryba
Brad Ryba
Co-Founder & CTO

Rimsys was founded in 2017 by regulatory affairs professionals who asked the simple question: “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” Like all RA teams, they spent hours looking for information, manually managed global product registrations, and struggled to keep up with changing regulations and standards. The Rimsys Platform is designed specifically to help medtech companies address these challenges, and confidently establish global regulatory compliance.

Modernizing medtech regulatory affairs

The EU MDR/IVDR rollout is the first of what promises to be many major shifts in the global regulatory landscape. Manually managing products, registrations, standards, and selling status in large color-coded spreadsheets won’t keep pace. Hiring external consultants for administrative work isn’t cost effective. Rimsys centralizes regulatory information and automates processes to increase RA productivity, manage complexity, and reduce compliance risks.

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