Rimsys Intel (Beta)

Free, community-driven global regulatory intelligence

Rimsys is empowering the medtech community with a free, centalized hub for global regulatory intelligence data. Quickly find the information you need backed by our powerful search capabilities to make more informed decisions about market access for your products and execute faster.

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UDI Management
Because regulatory intelligence should be easily accessible and free for all

As part of our mission to improve the availability of life-changing medical technologies, it's our belief that generally available regulatory intelligence information should be easy to find and accessible to everyone.

UDI Data
Comprehensive countries map

Search and drill down into specific countries, regions, and regulatory affiliations to quickly find intelligence data for all regulated markets (and quickly see those that aren't).  

Legislation and UDI requirements

Easily find legislation details for all regulated countries along with their applicable UDI requirements

Risk class requirements by country

Find risk classifications and definitions for medical devices and IVDs by market and requirements for each, including submission types, application timelines, fees, and more.

Market access checklists

Understand varying market entrance requirements and documentation needed for each country by risk class.

Updated frequently by the medtech community

Empower your peers with knowledge by submitting a change request when you see a necessary update. RAPS RAC holders can even qualify for recertification credits (more details below).

Introducing Rimsys Intel

Learn about Rimsys Intel, our free, centralized global regulatory intelligence hub for the medtech community, and how you can join our effort to make high-quality regulatory intelligence data easily accessible to all.

Quick reference guide - global medical device UDI requirements and timelines

Regulatory intelligence, revolutionalized

Centralized intelligence database

Find global regulatory requirements in one place. No more consolidating information from countless searches or trying to translate critical documents.

Community-driven and focused

Its part of our core values to empower each other, and we want to enable the medech RA community to empower each other with their knowledge to keep Rimsys Intel high quality and accurate.

RAPS Collaboration

Great, community-sourced regulatory intelligence requires great minds, so we're collaborating with RAPS to allow RAC holders to qualify for recertification credits by helping to keep Rimsys Intel up to date.