Manage global medical device registrations

Digitally create, monitor, and manage product registrations and certificates

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Global Medical Device Registrations
Growing regulatory complexity demands a modern digital solution

With 113 different regulatory regimes impacting medical device sales around the world, it’s no wonder that 65% of regulatory professionals say that it takes a week or more to identify where their products are registered or sold. Managing device registrations with complex color-coded spreadsheets simply isn’t a viable option anymore.

Rimsys fully digitizes product registrations for easier management, and centralizes registrations, certificates, and supporting documentation at the individual product level, providing company-wide visibility into global market status for your product portfolio.

Medical device product registration software from Rimsys

Market entrance requirements
Renewal and expiration reminders

Track global registrations to keep ahead of expirations and other events that impact market status

Renewal and expiration reminders
Project planning and requirements

Manage requirements, content plans, documents, and tasks for new registrations

Export and marketing controls
Export and marketing controls

Integrate selling status with ERP and CRM systems to ensure global go-to-market alignment

Digital submission authoring and approval
Global access and collaboration

Collaborate with distributors or other in-country representatives with controlled access to your registration information

Global access and collaboration
Interactive dashboards and reports

Click on any country and generate reports to see exactly where your products can be sold and track registration status


5 ways a RIM system can accelerate time-to-market for MedTech companies

Like all products, time-to-market is a critical success factor for medical technology (MedTech). Unlike other products, however, medical devices have an added hurdle of regulatory clearance that must be obtained before products can be marketed and sold

5 ways a RIM system can accelerate time-to-market for MedTech companies
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