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No magic magnifying glass will actually show you where your products are sold, but Rimsys can help. You shouldn’t have to spend 50% of your time looking for information. Our platform centralizes regulatory data and automates manual tasks to unlock your productivity.

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Can you see where your products are sold?

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Omron reduces time spent on regulatory reporting by 98%

Discover how Rimsys helped Omron, a leading global medical device manufacturer of heart monitoring equipment, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and nebulizers, digitize product registrations, eliminate information silos, and streamline reporting across office locations.

Omron reduces time spent on regulatory reporting by 98%
Centralize Regulatory Information

Centralize all regulatory information

Create, organize, and consolidate a “single source of truth” for all documents and information. Ensure that everyone across your organization is working with consistent, up-to-date information.

Automate regulatory processes

Streamline submissions with entrance requirements for over 100 countries, government-specific templates, approval workflows, and digital authoring and publishing. Monitor expirations, standards, and regulatory changes to ensure products can stay on the market without disruption.

A complete product-centric platform for all regulatory activities

Product registrations

Monitor and manage global product registrations, certificates, and expirations


Collaboratively author and assemble regulatory applications

Unique device identification

Manage global UDI information alongside product registrations

Regulatory intelligence

Track relevant laws, regulations, guidance, and news

Essential principles

Create and maintain essential principles/general safety and performance requirements (GSPR) tables

Standards management

Proactively monitor changing global standards

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